It is the intention to promote representivity in the Department through the filling of these posts. The
candidature of applicants from designated groups especially in respect of people with disabilities will
receive preference.

CLOSING DATE : 15 November 2021

NOTE : Applications must quote the relevant reference number and consist of: A fully
completed and signed NEW Z83 form which can be downloaded at .’’From 1 January 2021 should an
application be received using the incorrect application for employment (Z83), it
will not be considered”, a recent comprehensive CV; contactable referees
(telephone numbers and email addresses must be indicated); copies of
qualifications and Identity Document and driver’s license (where appropriate)
and any other relevant documents should be attached (Only shortlisted
candidates will be required to submit certified documents/copies on or before
the day of the interviews). Attachments must be in a PDF format and limited to
10 megabytes. Emails that do not comply with the above specifications, will
bounce back without reaching the Department. Foreign qualifications must be
accompanied by an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualification
Authority (SAQA). All non-SA citizens must attach a copy of proof of permanent
residence in South Africa. All shortlisted candidates for post/s will be subjected
to a technical exercise that intend to test relevant technical elements of the job,
personnel suitability checks on criminal records, citizen verification, financial
records, qualification verification and applicants could be required to provide
consent for access to their social media accounts. Correspondence will be
limited to shortlisted candidates only. If you have not been contacted within
three (3) months of the closing date of the advertisement, please accept that
your application was unsuccessful. The successful candidate will be expected
to enter into an employment contract and a performance agreement within 3
months of appointment, as well as be required to undergo a security clearance
within one month of appointment.



REF NO: DPSA 41/2021

SALARY : R1 251 183 per annum (Level 14), (an all-inclusive remuneration package).
The all-inclusive remunerative package consists of basic salary (70% of the
total remuneration package), the State’s contribution to the Government
Employees Pension Fund (13% of basic salary) and a flexible portion that may
be structured according to personal needs within a framework.
CENTRE : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS : An appropriate B. Degree on NQF 7 level in Public Administration, Public
Management; Business Management or related fields. Pre-entry Certificate for
SMS required prior to appointment. At least 5 years’ appropriate experience at
Senior Management level. A minimum of 10 years appropriate experience in
human resource management. Applied knowledge of the Constitution of the
Republic of South Africa, Government legislative framework, and Public
Service legislative framework, Government programs such as the National
Development Plan, Outcome 12, and Key Strategic Priorities of Government.
Intergovernmental relations. Competencies: Strategic capability and
leadership, Change Management, Financial Management, Programme and
Project Management, People Management, Decision making, Problem solving,
written and verbal communication, Stakeholder management and coordination,
Negotiation, Strategic thinking. Analytical skills, interpersonal relations, team
work, confidentiality. Human resources management and research. Technical
Skills: Project management, Monitoring and evaluation and Policy
development and application skills.

DUTIES : Manage and ensure the design and implementation of policies, norms and
standards, processes and systems for HR Planning; Employment (for all salary
levels in the Public Service inclusive of the employment of Heads of
Department) and Performance Management for the Public Service. Provide
guidance on policy development in the areas of HR Planning, Employment and
Performance Management. Review and implement policies, norms and
standards, processes and systems for HR Planning, Employment and
Performance Management, in line with the departmental standards. Provide
Technical, advice, support and capacity building to support implementation by
departments and other relevant institutions. Develop and maintain systems to
monitor compliance. Evaluate and monitor compliance by departments on the
policy areas identified. Build, maintain and support internal stakeholder
relationships as well as external stakeholders such as Cabinet, Parliament, and
Portfolio Committee, National and Provincial departments, Public Sector
entities and Private Sector Organisations. Manage all the operations, systems
and processes of the Chief Directorate
ENQUIRIES : Mr. Marcel Wilson Tel No: (012) 336 1004



SALARY : R1 057 326 per annum (Level 13), (an all-inclusive remuneration package).
The all-inclusive remunerative package consists of basic salary (70% of the
total remuneration package), the State’s contribution to the Government
Employees Pension Fund (13% of basic salary) and a flexible portion that may
be structured according to personal needs within a framework.
CENTRE : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS : A Senior Certificate, an appropriate Bachelor’s Degree in International
Relations, Diplomacy, Public Administration, Business
Leadership/Development studies or equivalent qualification at NQF 7.
Minimum 5 years at middle management level. A pre-entry certificate for SMS
must be completed before an appointment can be considered. Experience with
developing and managing international partnerships in Africa and globally;
experience with the University, knowledge of Public Service Priorities and
procedures, and an understanding of the DPSA’s organisational structure,
including its governance; knowledge about the not-for-profit sector, protocol,
diplomacy and an excellent understanding of the DPSA’s mission and
intersection with the broader community; experience leading complex and
multi-stakeholder projects; experience supporting international project.
Technical Skills: International Development Cooperation; Partnership
management; Donor management; Programme and Project management;
Monitoring and evaluation; Development budgeting and finance; and Capacity
development. Managerial Skills: Strategic capacity and leadership;
Programme and Project management; Financial Management; Knowledge
Management; Client Orientation and Customer; Service Delivery Innovation;
Communication; People Management and empowerment Problem solving and
analysis. Knowledge of Public Administration Act, of 2014, understanding of
DPSA Mandate, understanding of South African’s foreign relation; NDP as it
relates to building a capable developmental state, Service delivery challenges
in the South African Context; understanding of the ODA landscape; Policy
framework and procedural guidelines for the management of the management
of Official Developmental Assistance (ODA); knowledge of country to country
strategy between GOVSA and relevant development partners; Outcomes of
Annual Consultations and Bi-National Commissions between GOVSA and
relevant developmental partners. Computer Skills; Business writing skills;
Project management skills; facilitation skills; and people management and

DUTIES : To coordinate and facilitate the DPSA’s engagement with international and
local partners and advise EXCO on new partnership opportunities,
implementing international relationship priorities, contribute to the development
of fundraising proposals and lead the assessment of DPSA-wide memoranda
of understanding, and managing external and internal relationship and events.
Implement, with subject matter expect colleagues across the DPSA, of a set of
programs developed in partnership with international and local institutions.
Provides an analytical report through a facilitative administrative process as
part of supporting the Director General and EXCO members with the
management and serving (maintenance) of concluded partnerships.
Developing, leading and executing DPSA’s overall Partnership, International
and Donor Relations Strategy and Policy.
ENQUIRIES : Mr. Nyiko Mabunda Tel No: (012) 336 1198


SALARY : R869 007 per annum (Level 12), (An all-inclusive remuneration package)
Annual progression up to a maximum salary of R1 023 645 is possible,
subjected to satisfactory performance. The all-inclusive remuneration package
consists of a basic salary, the state’s contribution to the Government Employee
Pension Fund and a flexible portion that may be structured according to
personal needs within a framework.
CENTRE : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS : A Senior Certificate at NQF level 4. An appropriate qualification in the field of
Human Resources Management or Public Administration or Public
Management or equivalent qualification at NQF level 7. At least 2 years
appropriate experience at junior management level (ASD level). Minimum of 3
years’ in the field of ethics and integrity management. Knowledge of the
Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Public Service Act, Public Service
Regulations (PSA & PSR) and Public Administration Management Act (PAMA),
Legislative and policy framework, Government programs such as the National
Development Plan, MTSF, and Key Strategic Priorities of government.
Knowledge of ethics and integrity management standards and good practice.
Attributes: diligent, open to new ideas and innovative. Managerial skills: project
management, decision making, problem solving, good communication skills
(written and verbal), stakeholder management and coordination, analytical
skills, interpersonal relations, teamwork and research. Generic skills: Diversity
Management, facilitation, negotiation, presentation, report writing and
computer literacy. Technical skills: Ethics, integrity and discipline
management, Monitoring and Evaluation, database design and management,
knowledge and information management.

DUTIES : To develop and maintain credible data collection and management systems
including forms and registers related to ethics, integrity and discipline such as
disclosure of financial interests, disciplinary cases and protected disclosures.
To conduct monitoring and evaluation with all relevant institutions on the
implementation and compliance to the prescripts, norms and standards for the
management of ethics, integrity and disciplinary matters relating to misconduct
in the public administration. To submit monitoring reports to the relevant
authorities, institutions and control points including the Minister. To conduct
evaluations and impact assessments.
ENQUIRIES : Ms. Mr Isaac Kabini Tel No: (012) 336 1237


SALARY : R733 257 per annum (Level 11), (an all-inclusive remuneration package).
Annual progression up to maximum salary of R863 748 is possible, subject to
satisfactory performance. The all-inclusive remuneration package consists of
a basic salary, the state’s contribution to the Government Employee Pension
Fund and a flexible portion that may be structured according to personal need
within a framework.
CENTRE : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS : Qualifications and Experience: A Senior Certificate, a B Degree or equivalent
qualification (NQF level 7) in Labour Relations/LLB/ Public Law. A minimum of
3 years appropriate supervisory (Middle Management) experience in Labour
Relations. Knowledge: Public Service Regulatory Framework, Employment
Relations Policies, practices and procedures, Conflict management tools and
methodologies. Knowledge of collective bargaining tools and methodologies.
Competencies: Strategic Thinking, Project Management, Development of
others, Planning and organizing, Team leadership. Skills: Problem solving,
client orientation and customer focus, continuous improvement, decision
making, diversity management, impact and influence, communication and
information management, interpersonal, facilitation and negotiation,
presentation, report writing computer literacy.

DUTIES : Develop employee relations strategy, policies, guidelines and standard
operating procedures. Ensure that all labour relations compliance reports are
compiled and submitted. Facilitate the resolution of grievances, misconducts,
appeals and disputes cases. Render advisory services to management and
employees on labour relations matters. Facilitate and represent the department
at the Departmental Bargaining Chamber and provide technical support to the
employer team. Represent the department and monitor the implementation of
litigation outcomes. Oversee and monitor the implementation of the Public
Service disciplinary and grievance procedures. Manage strikes, protest action
and pickets in the department. Conduct research and benchmarking initiatives
for the best practices and align Labour Relations practices accordingly. Ensure
training and advocacy on labour related matters. Manage the overall
performance of the sub-directorate.
ENQUIRIES : Ms. Baarata Motlhaoleng Tel No: (012) 336 1503


(12 Months Contract)
SALARY : R376 596 per annum (Level 09), plus 37% in lieu of service benefits.
CENTRE : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS : A Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification (NQF level 4) and a 3 year
National Diploma in Information Technology or equivalent qualification at NQF
Level 6 in IT/Information systems related field. Knowledge of Public Service
Regulatory Framework, Knowledge of IT policies, SharePoint and Software
Development. A minimum of 3 years’ experience in C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript,
Microsoft SQL. 1 year experience in ASP.NET MVC, MS SharePoint 2013/19
will be advantageous. Sound knowledge of systems analysis. Experience in
SDLC and software development methodologies. Generic Skills: Responsibility
and accountability, reliability, innovative, interpersonal skills, flexibility, team
work, planning and execution.

DUTIES : To develop end-user requirements and functional specifications, designing
algorithm and flowcharts to create new software programs and systems.
Business Requirement Specification for all new development project.
Troubleshoot, debugging, maintaining and improving existing systems.
Compiling and assessing user feedback to improve software performance.
Design, develop and maintain SharePoint, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Web
Services, ASP.NET and REST APIs Design, develop and deploy Web
applications in ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, C# Develop SharePoint Server
2013/19. Developing technical documentation to guide future software
development project.

ENQUIRIES : Ms. Tandile Stuurman Tel No: (012) 336 1227


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