South Africa Eaton Internship Programme.

Eaton is known to be a broad based equal opportunity company, while promoting affirmative action principals. Their employment options are thus based on work-related requirements and the suitability of each candidate. They do not discriminate or base their employment on race, gender, age, nationality, origin, disabilities, religion or any other related status.
If you meet all the requirements for the Eaton internship programme and believe yourself to be a respectful, trustworthy people’s person that can treat others with respect and value each relationship within your career, then you may just have what is needed. If you apply with Eaton, you must be prepared to commit yourself to the company as they will commit to you.
Eaton offers their interns an opportunity to excel within their chosen career, to gain valuable knowledge and become all they can be. They seek greatly gifted individuals who believe in helping others, who can build relationships on trust, mutual respect, dignity and integrity.
If this is you, or who you want to become and you find this company may be your ideal employer, have a look at their internships today.

Eaton Internships Available
Eaton has a variety of career options available for qualifying candidates. If you are interested in any of the fields mentioned below and you have the requirements, you may apply if they have an open internship. They seek talented graduates with great potential to join an effectively growing company.
Internship fields with Eaton are as follow:

Environmental Health ND
Safety Management ND
Electrical and Power Engineering
Operations Engineering
Human Resources
Supply Chain Management
Information Technology
Technical sales
Eaton Internship: Requirements
Candidates whom would like to apply within one of the fields mentioned or any made available by Eaton will be requested to have the following:

Candidates must hold a valid Matric in addition to a relevant Degree or Diploma
Candidates must be driven and passionate
Candidates must be goal and result orientated
Candidates must have exceptional communication skills
Candidates must be proficient in English
Candidates must be able to work under pressure
Candidates must have problem solving skills
Candidates must be social, friendly and be able to effectively orientate people
Eaton believes that ‘Excellence’ is achieved via their people. They aim to create a stable environment with managers and employees sharing the company’s key beliefs and share the responsibilities, taking hands to move forward. They offer successful candidates the opportunity to reach their full potential.
Successful candidates will have the following attributes:

Innovation, bringing forth new ideas
Excellence, striving for the best
Open and honest communications
Involvement within the company, striving to always add greatness
Keeping promises and valuing commitments
Eager to grow in their field and enhance their knowledge
Eaton Internship: Application
Eaton online applications are not available, however, candidates may send their detailed curriculum vitae, along with their full academic transcripts, certified copy of ID and also certified copy of their qualifications to,
Candidates can also find more information on their internship programs via this page on their website. Simply click the drop-down arrow next to the field you are enquiring about to see if they have internships within that field. A new page will open on your browser where you will be able to see all available internships.
Candidates are asked to please ensure they provide the following when applying:

Completed application form
Detailed Curriculum Vitae
Certified copy of ID document
Certified copy of full Academic records
Certified copy of Degree or Diploma

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